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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. With how much time in advance you have to request the service?
  2. Which is the usual meeting point (hotel / apartment / private residence) with the babysitter?
  3. How should you contact the babysitter if the service is not provided in a hotel / apartment/ private residence?
  4. Which is the maximum number of children that a babysitter can take care?
  5. Can I change my reservation?
  6. Which are the language skills of the babysitters?
  7. We will received the CV of the babysitter?
  8. How much is the service?
  9. How do I cancel a service?
  10. What is the minimum and maximum duration of a service?
  11. Which are the destinations in which I can request the service?
  1. For all destinations the service must be requested with 24 hours in advance.

  2. You can find the babysitter that you hired for the service at the reception of the hotel/ apartment/ private residence at the date and hour that the service starts. In case you do not locate the babysitter, she will contact you by phone.

  3. In case that the service is not performed in an hotel / apartment / private residence, the babysitter will be present at the date and time of commencement of service, in the exact direction that you have indicated through this website . She will contact you via telephone. When the service is finished, our babysitter will wait with your children at the same point in which you initially met.

  4. Each babysitter can care for a maximum of three children. In case you have more than three children you have to hire a second babysitter.

  5. In case that you want to change your reservation (change of dates / start / end, request additional hours, number of children in care of our babysitter, or any other kind of change , etc., you can do it by calling at: +34 918 331 957, +34 610 060 260 or by email at: babysitters@travelchildcare.com. Each modification will have an additional cost of 5 € (in addition to the costs associated with the provision of service).

    When changes are made the reservation with less than 24 hours notice, you will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid initially contracting the service, when modifying the reservation implies a lower final amount.

    Payment must be made only through PAYPAL following the link included in the email. The modification of the reservation will be confirmed only after making the payment and receive the email confirmation.

    When booking changes involve an increase in final amount of the service, you will receive an information email, so you can make the payment corresponding to the difference between the final amount and the amount of the initially contracted service.

  6. All our babysitters are speaking two languages: the language of the destination and one of the languages that you have chosen when you have requested the service.

  7. When our partners will have the ability to send at TCC the CV of the babysitter in charge of the provision of service (name, surname, summary of experience, etc.), TCC will send this information in name of the company in charge of the provision of service. It will not always be possible to send the CV of the babysitter to clients. For the destination Italy, the CV of the babysitter will not be sent. If any changes should occur regarding the person in charge of the provision of service, our partners should communicate the changes to TCC and you will be informed via email of the change and the new contact details.

  8. You can look for our prices at http://babysitting.travelchildcare.com/prices.

  9. If you make a cancellation with 24 hours in advance of the provision of service for any destination( except Mallorca and St. Tropez) in which TCC operates as an intermediary, you can receive a full refund. We will charge in this case 10 € for management.

    When the cancellations will be received in less than 24 hours in advance to the provision of the service, you will be charged the full amount for the contracted service.

    For the destinations St. Tropez and Mallorca, cancellations are not entitled to a refund, regardless of the time in which have been made.

    Cancellations must be made by phone at +34 918 331 957; +34 610 060 260 and email: babysitters@travelchildcare.com in customer service hours (9:00 to 18:00 CET). If received outside these hours is counted as the date of reception: 9:00 am the next day after receipt of the request for cancellation.

    In case in which Travel Child Care or his partners , cancels a reservation, you will be informed via e-mail, provided through this web site, of the cancellation or impossibility to provide the service and you will receive a full reimbursement in the shortest possible time. TCC is committed to make all necessary arrangements to provide other solutions before canceling a service. In case in which TCC is forced to cancel a service, you receive the full amount paid when contracted service.

    All booking cancellations shall be made in function of the date and time of destination for which it has been requested the service.

  10. Each service has a minimum duration of three hours and a maximum of eight hours.

  11. We can offer our babysitters in the following destinations::

    - Spain:

    · Barcelona

    · Madrid

    · Gerona

    · Ibiza

    · Mallorca

    · Tenerife (Sur)

    · Lanzarote

    · Torremolinos

    · Fuengirola

    · Marbella

    · Estepona

    · Sotogrande

    · Granada

    - Italy:

    · Rome

    · Milan

    · Naples

    · Turin

    · Pavia

    · Novara

    - France:

    · Paris

    · St. Tropez

    - United Kindom:

    · London

    · Manchester

    - Scotland:

    · Edinburgh

    - Portugal:

    · Lisbon

    · Porto

    - Czech Republic:

    · Prague

    - Slovenia:

    · Ljubljana